Exclusive Album Premiere | Annie Stela – Whiplash Blues

Today, we’re proud to premiere Annie Stela’s new album, Whiplash Blues, which will officially be released via iTunes on May 20th.

Albums like Whiplash Blues are the reasons we still do what we do at SiC, so we can’t thank Annie enough for this opportunity to bring you these songs a few days before you can purchase them. The opening “Liar” gets our blood going; “Lucky” breaks our heart. Sign of a great songwriter if you ask us.

We asked Annie for her thoughts on the album, and how it was recorded. Here’s what she told us.

We recorded Whiplash Blues at my friend Pierre de Reeder’s studio in LA, and then we sent it off to Omaha to be mixed by Mike Mogis. I knew early on I wanted this record to be different from my first record(Fool), not only sonically but also lyrically.  The first time out I wrote a lot about myself; where I come from, what my childhood was like, who I wanted to be.  There came a point where I wasn’t interested in telling that story anymore.  I wanted to write about the places I’d been on tour and the people I’d met, about people falling in love and dying and running out of money and running away.  I wanted to tell stories that anyone could relate to.”

Hit play on the orange Streampad player at the bottom to listen to Whiplash Blues!

Annie Stela – Liar
Annie Stela – Billy Jay
Annie Stela – Love Me Still
Annie Stela – Lucky
Annie Stela – Whiplash Blues
Annie Stela – November
Annie Stela – Any Time, Any Day
Annie Stela – Deany
Annie Stela – Right

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