Free EP | Beat Connection – Surf Noir

So after endless (more like ten minutes really) of surfing the web, trying find out something about these guys, I have found these nuggets o’ info.

1) Beat Connection are a duo from Seattle.
2) They’re offering up their debut EP for free (below).
3) They seem to be named after an LCD Soundsystem song.
4) “Silver Screen,” the jam featured below, is perfect for late-summer listening.
5) Surf Noir, the title of said EP, is a sub-genre of literature made famous by surfing aurthor Kem Nunn.

With today’s lessons now complete, please enjoy the EP in it’s entirety by clicking below and downloading from their BandCamp site.

<a href="" data-lasso-id="5978" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">Silver Screen by Beat Connection</a>

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