Jam of the Day | John Talabot – Last Land

A DJ and producer who has recently released his debut record, ƒIN, Barcelona’s John Talabot creates intricate sonic compositions that blur the lines of the electro-driven genres of techno, house, and disco pop. “Last Land” is a fitting exemplar of Talabot’s skilled craftsmanship. Synthy strings swirl and loop amidst measured beats and unintelligible vocal wails. Talabot’s methodical repetition is dizzily hypnotic as the track builds slowly to a complete drop-off, and then resumes full bore alongside a clattering of electro-snare beats. Unleash “Last Land” in your headphones with an extra kick of volume and just try not to grin and nod your head. Happy Monday.

Get lost in “Last Land” below. Buy ƒIN here.

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