Jam of the Day | Magic Castles – Ballad of the Golden Bird

Photo courtesy of Magic Castles

I’m fresh off a four day tour of Twin Cities punk history, having spent most of the week with a documentary crew working on a film about Grant Hart, but the truth is, even after that, I don’t know much about what’s going in Minneapolis or St. Paul music-wise these days. So, I was delighted to get this track from Magic Castles, a dreamy Minneapolis fuzz-rock quartet, in my inbox this morning.

What’s happening in Minneapolis, apparently, is psychadelic droning that spreads out and paints enormous aural pictures: some soft, some loud, some sweet. “Ballad of the Golden Bird” is the track from Magic Castles that caught the ear of Brian Jonestown Massacre mastermind, Anton Newcombe, who’s signed the band to his ‘a’ records and taken them on the East Coast and Midwestern legs of BJM’s current tour. It’s also the track that caught mine.

North Carolina can catch Magic Castles at Cat’s Cradle next Tuesday, August 21st, opening for Brian Jonestown Massacre. Everybody else can stream “Ballad of the Golden Bird” below.

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