Jam of the Day | Beach Slang – We Are Nothing

It’s cold here – okay, okay, I know it’s just cold for North Carolina, and many of you have it far worse, but I live here not to be cold – and I’m kind of cranky and irritable all the time. Winter blows, you guys, as I’m sure you know. Wouldn’t we all rather be somewhere sunny and warm with an umbrella-decorated drink in our hands? We totally would.

So Beach Slang won’t get you that umbrella drink, but the driving guitar line and rapidfire vocals protesting we are nothing like them in a ragged and fierce way might just suit your desire to stomp on the weather’s face, and their name will at least make you think of those sunny days that are, approximately, a million miles away. I don’t know that this song makes me wish for summer, quite, but it makes me forget all about how much I hate February. Instead I’m thinking about how much I like Beach Slang, and “We Are Nothing”, and all songs about fighting against expectations: two thumbs up.

Beach Slang plays Carrboro on 3/5 at the Cat’s Cradle. It will probably still be cold, so you should go and stomp on winter with them.

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