Jam of the Day | Bright Eyes – Blue Christmas

I don’t know if anyone else’s house looks like Santa went on a three day heroin bender that culminated in a drug-induced decorating party with his elf-homies — but mine certainly does. This list is endless, and includes but is not limited to: holiday rugs, towels, figurines, lights, wreaths, dog collars, decorations for lighting fixtures, table runners, table cloths, soap, garland, fire-scented candles and festive outfits for the wine bottles nestled in the back of a rickshaw Santa is riding (I shit you not.)

But perhaps even more noticeable than every inch of open counter space covered in something red, or green, or red and green, is the constant barrage of Christmas Music pummeling my eardrums at all times.  THIS list includes Andy Williams, Sinatra, She & Him, Nat King Cole, Robert Goulet, Perry Cuomo, N’Sync, Sufjan Stevens, Maria Carey and recently Kelly Clarkson. This starts Thanksgiving Day and lasts all the way to New Year’s Eve.

Luckily — Bright Eyes decided to re-release his 2002 Christmas Album affectionately entitled, A Christmas Album, which is loaded with surprisingly classical renditions of all your favorite holiday jams, completely untouched and un-ruined by Barbara Streisand.  Check out his cover of “Blue Christmas” below.

And Happy Holidays Y’all!

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