Jam of the Day | Summer Fiction – It’s Getting Dark

Photo by Jennifer MacConnell

The sounds of Summer Fiction (Philadelphia singer-songwriter Bill Ricchini’s new band) have been buzzing in and out of my ears since, well, last winter. That’s when I first heard the lead single, “Chandeliers.” Oh yeah, sure. It’s catchy enough. It has this despondent sock-hop vibe that reminds me of Weezer going all Happy Days in the “Buddy Holly” video. Except, it’s way less happy and way more forlorn, in a hip, teenage angst sorta way.

It wasn’t until I heard today’s Jam of the Day, “It’s Getting Dark” that I felt an authentic Summer Fiction spark. Perhaps it’s just a more appropriate time of year to be listening to ’60s inspired pop.

But, really, I think I needed to hear the album tell its entire story to really get it. It’s an assortment of journal entries that document a young girl’s coming-of-age (as told through the eyes of all the guys who fall for her along the way). It’s a tad gloomy, to be sure. But, I never bought into the glossy Cunningham lifestyle, anyway.

 Summer Fiction’s debut album is out now. You can buy it here.

Summer Fiction – “It’s Getting Dark”

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