Jam of the Day | The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

What happens when a “chance meeting” brings together a California gal (Joy Williams) and an Alabama guy (John Paul White)?

Well, last Friday, let’s just say it took me all of three minutes and forty one seconds to decide that I have a new favorite duo: Williams and White of The Civil Wars. One listen to their song, “Poison & Wine,” off their 2009 debut EP of the same name, and I was in love. (Okay, fine, I fall in love pretty easy with music, but stay with me here.)

And as wonderful as “Poison & Wine” is, today’s JOTD is just as special. It’s the title track off their upcoming album, Barton Hollow, which drops February 1st. If you like passion and harmony mixed to near perfection, this one’s for you.

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