Jam of the Day | The Civil Wars – The One That Got Away

I miss the way you wanted me

Be careful what you wish for in love.

The same sentiment applies to music. “The One That Got Away,” The Civil Wars’ new single from their upcoming sophomore self-titled album (due August 6th), is bittersweet because it builds beautifully, and Joy Williams’ voice has never sounded better. But where do Williams and John Paul White go from here?

Their album cover (above) features threatening black smoke for a reason. That reason, as you may know, is that all is not well between the duo, and we still don’t know much about where this is headed.

What I do know? “The One That Got Away” was worth the wait (listen below).

The Civil Wars Track Listing:
1. The One That Got Away
2. I Had Me a Girl
3. Same Old Same Old
4. Dust to Dust
5. Eavesdrop
6. Devil’s Backbone
7. From This Valley
8. Tell Mama
9. Oh Henry
10. Disarm
11. Sacred Heart
12. D’Arline

The Civil Wars – The One That Got Away (Audio) from Columbia Records on Vimeo.

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