Download the Free + Awesome Target Christmas Album!

What’s your seasonal soundtrack?
Is it a jolly ol’ beat?
Or do you prefer a little peace and love with your lyrics?
Discover the fresh songs below to rekindle your spirit –
A free gift from Target to your ears.

Download HERE. Tracklist below!

1 Guster – “Tiny Tree Christmas”
2 Blackalicious – “Toy Jackpot”
3 Darker My Love – “Snow is Falling”
4 Jenny O. – “Get Down for the Holidays”
5 Crystal Antlers – “10,000 Watts”
6 Bishop Allen – “You’ll Never Find My Christmas”
7 Natalie Hemby – “Perfect Gift”
8 Little Jackie – “Mrs. Claus Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me”
9 Blazer Force – “Electronic Santa”
10 Best Coast + Wavves – “Got Something for You”
11 Coconut Records – “It’s Christmas”
12 Little Isidore – “Party Hard”
13 The Pinker Tones – “Súper Mamá (Supermom)”
14 Ceci Bastida – “Un Regálo Para Mí (A Present For Me)”

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