Jam of the Day | Cory Branan – Bad Man

Photo by Joshua Wilkins Black

Cory Branan‘s Bloodshot Records debut, Mutt, has been a long time coming — a long time in terms of years since he self-released his first record, 12 Songs, not months or weeks. But Branan has spent those years on the road, touring and writing and revising a lot of these songs, to the point where if you’ve seen him, they’ll feel like old friends, and if you’ve never seen him, they’ll feel like old friends anyway, because he has an eye for the nature of the human condition. This song might be about one girl, one time, in one place, but it’s a feeling that all of us have had at some point in our lives.

“Bad Man” is a rocking piano ballad that sounds like the edges of summer coming in. It’s the sort of song that goes with your summer decisions, the things you might regret in October but that, in June, seem like the right thing, right then. When he sings, “They say I’m a bad man, well, okay, I’m a bad man, baby/ but I think a bad man would do you good,” the drive of the drums and Branan’s plaintive voice can convince you that he’s exactly right. If you’re looking at the summer and thinking that it’s about time to get into trouble, this is your theme song.

Download “Bad Man” for free below and pre-order Mutt here.

Cory Branan – Bad Man

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