Jam of the Day | Daughter – Human

In the early morning, after narrowly escaping the dreamy confines of sleep, completing the 20 yard journey from your bed to the bathroom can feel like climbing Everest. Upon finally entering the porcelain throne-room, you’re faced with a challenge that is often overlooked, but quite difficult nonetheless: facing yourself in the mirror.

That might sound strange, but try it. In such a sleepy-eyed stupor it’s hard to put thoughts together well enough to remember who you are, but after you turn on the bright fluorescents and see yourself reflected back so disheveled and exposed, it’s hard to even recall what you are.

Luckily, Daughter just released their debut record, If You Leave, and gave us “Human” to remind us of our… Well… Humanity.

Thank you for making my mornings much less existential, Daughter.

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