Jam of the Day | The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

The Brooklyn four-piece, The Drums, claims that part of making music is actually chasing the perfect pop song. I think that sentiment indicates that they haven’t found it yet. But, after listening to today’s JOTD, I might beg to differ. And so might you.

I can prove my point with three very rational and objective arguments.

First, remember how nutso you went for the whistling in Peter Björn and John’s “Young Folks?” Well, “Let’s Go Surfing” brings its A-game to perhaps steal the heavyweight whistling title from the Swedish trio. So, let that soak in for a second.

Next, you have the easy, breezy lyrics. The first lines of the song are, “Wake up/ it’s a beautiful morning!” That right there is better than my morning coffee. Carpe diem! Wake the eff up, sleepyhead!

And what’s more? There’s a whole verse of that old school, childhood rhyme, “Down down baby, down by the rollercoaster…” You know, the one Tom Hanks sings, like, three times, with his BFF in Big. Pull on my heartstrings some more, The Drums! This JOTD makes me wanna be a kid again, ride my bike, and play “Heart and Soul” with my feet on a super big keyboard.

So, whether or not The Drums think they’ve mastered the perfect pop song, I double dog dare you to say this isn’t a hell of an attempt. You won’t be sorry you gave this one a try on this fine Friday. And if you’re like me, you’ll listen to it multiple times in a row.

The Drums self-titled album is available now.

There are approximately 18 remixes of “Let’s Go Surfing” on RCRD LBL, but here’s the original version:

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