Broken Social Scene Releases “World Sick”

The music world is abuzz with the release of the first Broken Social Scene song since its last album came out five years ago. The adjective “epic” is being used a lot to describe this track, probably because it’s almost 7 minutes long. And because it’s awesome.

From Pitchfork, where the song initially debuted:
“A few weeks ago, Broken Social Scene frontman Kevin Drew told us all about the album, and there’s a lot to tell. They’ve stripped down their once-sprawling lineup to a lean and mean six-member core, but many friends show up to contribute to the album, Wu-Tang style. Those hordes include Leslie Feist and members of Pavement, Metric, Stars, Do Make Say Think, the Sea and Cake, and Tortoise. Tortoise/Sea and Cake member John McEntire co-produced the whole shebang, which the band recorded in Chicago and Toronto last year.”

I’m not sure if any other introduction is needed, so I’ll let you get to listening to “World Sick.”

Broken Social Scene – World Sick

Forgiveness Rock Record comes out on May 4, 2010 on Arts & Crafts Records.

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