Jam of the Day | Ra Ra Riot – Boy

A Heartfelt Letter to the Phat Bassline.
By Matt Smith

Dear Phat Bassline,

First, I would like to start by apologizing to you. My beloved indie-rock brethren and I have ignored you for far too long. As our up and down dance moves illustrate so perfectly – we have forgotten your hip moment-inducing allure.

Sure, Primus gave you the spotlight, but that shit just grew old after a few years. Then Interpol did it’s best to turn you up and make you special, but somehow that waned. Now, Phat Bassline, Ra Ra Riot has snuck into your window late at night and whisked you away in order to show everyone how fantastic you are…

And I hear you Phat Bassline! You’re so prominently featured in our JOTD, “Boy!” You’re the one that holds those delicious strings, and drums, and silky smooth vocals together. It makes me so happy to hear you once again – and while everything still sounds like Ra Ra Riot on this new single, I can’t help but hear how the sound has grown.

So I have asked all of my friends to listen below and then download this first single from the band’s new album Orchard for free at RaRaRiot.com and just enjoy the hell out of it on this Monday afternoon. As you well know, the new album will be out later this month.

Ra Ra Riot – Boy

Yours Truly in Rhythm,

-Speakers in Code

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