Jam of the Day | Twin Peaks – Making Breakfast

Photo: Pooneh Ghana

Breakfast making up in SIC HQ isn’t a task to be taken lightly, and Tuesday, which is my day to cook for the clan, I TRULY don’t fuck around. It starts with a burr-grinding some hand-washed Ethiopian coffee. After dumping it into a pre-rinsed Chemex filter, I make a large pot of pour over while Jason, Aggie, Dylan and all those photographers we now have, file down the stairs rubbing their little eyes after being out late at their respective shows.

Actually — that’s where it ends, because if there is one thing about music-bloggers I HATE, it’s how damn picky they are about their eggs.  True – we only use free-range eggs that were freshly dropped by the Black Sexlink hen that roams the office, but Jason likes his slightly over-easy, while Aggie likes hers scrambled with shallots and Dylan eats his par-poached in butter. I’m not doing that shit — so coffee is all they get.

Anyway – see how Twin Peaks does breakfast below and see them in your hood when they play The Demo on Nov. 4th.

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