Jam of the Day | The Great American Canyon Band – Tumbleweed

From this land you and I will flee

Shed what ails us, rest by the sea

Have you ever seen a tumbleweed roll across the road? It’s a little wild, a little strange, and totally enchanting. A plant becomes a tumbleweed after it has dried up, matured and disengaged from the earth. Roaming freely with the wind at its back, its destination is, as far as we can tell, unknown. They intermittently kept me company as I drove solo across the Southwestern US en route to Los Angeles. We shared a free spirit and sense of adventure, the exact sentiment you’ll hear in The Great American Canyon Band‘s pretty ditty. Watch the video for their song “Tumbleweed” below, and pick up a copy of their debut EP Lost at Sea HERE.

Tumbleweed from The Great American Canyon Band on Vimeo.

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