Jam of the Day | High Highs – Open Season

So if you live in St. Louis, or you’re sprinkled somewhere else around the globe other than North Carolina, you probably wonder why this “Matt Smith” character dedicates a quarter of his posts every year to the lesser-known acts of the Hopscotch Music Festival. Well, here’s why folks — “Matt Smith,” while an avid music junkaholic, is met yearly by a handful of unknown artists when the schedule is announced for said fest. Thus presenting the very welcome challenge of discovering the new acts that will be household indie-names come this time next year. We can all benefit from this!

The first of the 2013 bands to surprise the shit out of me (I’m Matt Smith!) during this year’s research is Australia via Brooklyn band High Highs – and their pastoral brand of pop. Lucious, and beautiful in a way that could alter any sour-mood – these guys are a bonafide, etched-in-stone stop for us when we traverse Raleigh this September.

Check out JOTD “Open Season” below. And hop on back over on Tuesdays to get our next highlight from this year’s lineup.

Oh, and I’ve always wanted to get my name in a post four times. Matt Smith. Done.

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