Jam of the Day | JKutchma & The Five Fifths – Teenage DMZ

Photo courtesy of the band

It’s an age old story: a songwriter’s band takes a break, but the songwriter keeps writing songs. When JKutchma’s primary vehicle, Durham punk stalwarts Red Collar, took a break to deal with life two years ago, J kept writing, and took the songs on the road by himself. Eventually Red Collar reconvened and produced this year’s wonderful LP Welcome Home, but J still had plenty of songs that he knew didn’t belong to Red Collar: softer songs but songs with no smaller emotional punch.

So J did what any songwriter would do: he got together another band, called them the Five Fifths, and recorded a second album for release in 2012, under his own name – the upcoming Pastorals.

Today we’re jamming to a special Speakers in Code premiere, the guitar-laden, finger-snapping “Teenage DMZ”. A song about pop choruses, the radio, and growing up with music, you can download or stream it below, and pre-order Pastorals from Last Chance Records here.

J and the Fifths are on the road right now. They’ll also be playing at Hopscotch in September.

JKutchma & the Five Fifths – “Teenage DMZ”

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