Jam of the Day | The Lonely Forest – Turn Off This Song and Go Outside

Photo by Peter Ellenby

For a high school English teacher like me (yes, I only moonlight as a music blogger), there’s really nothing that rocks my socks more than literary references – whether oh-so subtle or fiercely blatant – infused into song lyrics. That’s why, when I saw The Lonely Forest at Old Rock House way back in May of 2010, I was immediately drawn to the anthemic track, “We Sing In Time.”

Boldly snatching key phrases of Mr. Walt Whitman himself, the song’s chorus pleads, “Let us pretend we’ve got it together/ Let us ignore the coming sun/ We’ll sing the body electric until machine and soul are one…”

Now, the new album, Arrows, is out (on Chris Walla’s Trans Records), and the guys echo a similar romantic notion with today’s Jam of the Day. One look at the title suggests we are in for some serious transcendental business here.

I think Mr. Whitman, among others, would be proud. Plus, the song rocks. What more can an English teacher want?

The Lonely Forest – Turn Off This Song and Go Outside

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And you can’t miss the video that accompanies today’s JOTD, “Turn Off This Song and Go Outside.” Just don’t look when the sun’s shining!

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