Jam of the Day | Lucius – Turn It Around

Photo courtesy of the band

I love songs that confuse the way you’re supposed to feel about them; Lucius’ “Turn It Around”is a slice of lemon meringue ’60s doowop pop, the sort of song that makes you want to stomp your feet and clap your hands, and then you listen it a little bit closer, and it’s a shivers-down-your-spine commentary of the state of the world, and then it’s paired with a slightly trippy but definitely strange and delightful video that’s all candy-colored and vintage clothes. It’s a freaky little song that’s making me impossibly happy this week.

Lucius opens for Milo Greene tonight at Local 506 in Chapel Hill; the show is sold out, but maybe, lucky you, you already have tickets and you can hear this in person!

Lucius – Turn it Around from Matt Pizzano on Vimeo.

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