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Photo credit: Jeremy Balderson

I’ve been dying for some new matt pond PA, I have to say. Good news! After a period of time spent in isolation in Bearsville, New York (God, I hope secluded cabin-inducing epiphanies don’t quickly become a musical cliché), the band is prepped to release The Dark Leaves in March 2010 on Altitude Records.  

The first single, “Starting,” is really perfect for this brand new year. This song emotes the essence of really
living which is entirely different from merely existing. Unlock the chains you’ve willingly placed on yourself, light a fire, color outside of the lines… If you’re looking for a fresh start, a second (or fourteenth chance), you “could start tonight…”  

We could start tonight

Slide back the deadbolts
Let the pictures down
They hold no life
And if you’ve got some faith
Then you are faithful
You fall down on your face
You got a face-full

We could start tonight

Pull down the plastic
Light the gasoline
Erase the lines
If you want to live
Then go on living
If you want to give
You gotta get it right

Matt Pond PA – Starting

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