Jam of the Day | Matthew Ryan – Summer in the South

I want to know what it’s like
To live with you
To give to you
To not be without

My mind wanders aimlessly. (Convoluted translation: I get easily excited and tend to think anything is possible no matter the circumstance or distance between myself and what I want.) I blame songwriters such as Matthew Ryan for this. They make me want things I don’t/can’t have. Above all, they make me want to feel what it’s like to really love someone again.

When I hear a song like today’s Jam of the Day, “Summer in the South,” taken from Matthew Ryan’s upcoming album, I Recall Standing As Though Nothing Could Fall, I get a little emotional. I guess Ryan’s music has always affected me deeply, but whenever I hear something new from him, I fall for it hard. His music is only getting better as he releases each album, and I can’t honestly say that about many artists these days. Each song is a gift, and my life is better off because of one simple reason: I decided to listen.

So, here’s a wonderful song from his upcoming album. Stream away.

I Recall Standing As Though Nothing Could Fall will be released digitally on July 26, and in record stores on August 23rd.  Matthew Ryan will be performing at Off Broadway in Saint Louis on July 19th. Buy tickets here.

UPDATE: For the next 24 hrs, I Recall Standing As Though Nothing Could Fall is available digitally for the low price of $5! Click here to purchase/download.

Matthew Ryan – Summer in the South

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