Jam of the Day | Neil Young – Walk With Me

I feel your love, I feel your strong love. I feel the patience of unconditional love.”

A lot has happened to Neil Young in 2010. He lost friend and producer L.A. Johnson to a heart attack in January, and just last July, his long-time pedal steel expert, the great Ben Keith, also passed. Young’s also toured solo, and created a new album, Le Noise, with Daniel Lanois, who has produced albums such as U2’s The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby, Emmylou Harris’ Wrecking Ball, and Dylan’s Time Out Of Mind.

All great albums, right? Well, Young’s last few albums have been a mixed bag. I loved most of 2006’s Living With War, and 2007’s Chrome Dreams II gave us the great “No Hidden Path.” But let’s face it, 2009’s Fork In The Road was a laugher, okay?

And that’s fine. Especially when it looks like we have a great Neil Young album on the horizon. Today’s JOTD, “Walk With Me,” gives us a sudden and noisy glimpse of what is to come: passion, mixed with direct lyrics and Young’s electric guitar.

Oh, and Lanois. He’s all over this one, especially the YHF-esque ending.

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