Jam of the Day | Ocean Carolina – Blue

Photo credit: Rob Stephenson

Ocean Carolina is the Brooklyn-based creation of singer-songwriter-producer Michael Simone who began performing as a solo artist in good ol’ North Carolina in the late ’90s, before moving to New York in 2002. And almost ten years later, we have the result of his experiences both performing in the Tarheel State and collaborating with various artists in the NYC area.

It’s called Leave On, and it’s a five-song collection of country-twinged pop songs produced with Alex Cox on bass guitar, Jon Graboff (Ryan Adams & The Cardinals) on pedal steel, and Simone manning the rest of the instruments.

The first song released from the EP is also our JOTD. “Blue” is a laid back, harmonica-driven tune, more pop than country due to the addition of light electronic elements, piano, and silky-smooth vocals.

Ocean Carolina – Blue

The perfect combination of north and south.

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