Jam of the Day | Rachael Yamagata – Saturday Morning

Photo by Laura Crosta

Just kiss me, we’ll be okay.

Perhaps the mark of a great songwriter is his or her ability to make you feel at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. So when Rachael Yamagata is able to completely torture me on the same damn album, well, that’s when I take notice.

Rachael, you really didn’t have to do this to me, did  you? (That’s my way of saying “thanks,” by the way.)

Chesapeake’s opening track, “Even If I Don’t,” says pretty much everything I ever wanted to say to an ex-lover; you know, the kind of ex you want to keep at arm’s (or ocean’s) length. Meanwhile, today’s Jam of the Day, “Saturday Morning,” is much brighter. It finds Yamagata in the present, on a morning where anything seems possible. And dammit, aren’t those mornings the best? When you feel free. When you feel like no one has ever done you wrong. And that no one ever will.

Rachael will be at Blueberry Hill on December 7th. Get your tickets here!

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