Photos | She Keeps Bees at Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC

All photos by Agatha Donkar

The music that She Keeps Bees, Brooklyn’s Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant (touring with another guitarist to make them a trio), makes is music that takes up a lot of space. It’s not that it’s loud, though they had volume at the Local 506 on Monday night, and it’s not that it’s complex, though for a band that’s just guitar and guitar and drums, it definitely is — it’s just that something about the way the two of them work together, wind around each other, twist together, with Larrabee’s arresting voice and the dual guitars, it just causes their music to expand to fill any space that it’s in.

I’m a big fan of their recent LP Eight Houses, because even on headphones it fills up a space (in that case, the space is my brain), and live, the songs filled up my brain and the room even more. I’m not sure how to explain this any better, but it’s an amazing thing, and it’s worth seeing. These photos don’t convey the sense of enormity that three people can make on stage together, but you should go find the album on Spotify and turn it up and then look at them, and you might get close to the way Larrabee and LaPlant made the soft spot in my chest feel last Monday.

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