Jam of the Day | Admiral Fallow – Beetle in the Box

Last year, we introduced you guys to a little Scottish band named Admiral Fallow whose unique blend of woodwinds and heavy accents had us dreaming of the Isle of Islay. Hell, we liked them so much we even brought their arses to Durham, North Carolina for a shindig we were throwing, where they promptly blew the collective mind of the entire Bull City.

Well, now they’re back prepping their second album, Tree Bursts in Snow, which will be out in May in the UK on Nettwerk. Our Jam of the Day, “Beetle in the Box,” is the first single from this new LP, and it suggests they’ve grown a tad since the last time we heard them. Straightforward and melodic, the song moves like a summer day, with Louis Abbott playing the yin to Sarah Hayes’ vocal yang. It comes together beautifully, making you honestly wish there were a few minutes more when the song ends.

Check out Admiral Fallow’s new site here and grab their stellar debut record, Boots Met My Face. Then, download “Beetle in the Box” below.

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