Jam of the Day | Wylie Hunter & The Cazadores – Tattoo’d Girls

Photo by Agatha Donkar

Comparisons to music legends are at best, a double-edged sword. In the beginning, only one edge is sharp, and the resemblance to the likes of Bruce, or Tom, or even Bob, allows people to prepare for what’s about to tickle their eardrums. But as the clock ticks, the proverbial pigeonhole becomes exhausting to evade, and many have succumbed to the ever-present, second-side blade they themselves have helped hone. Wylie Hunter and the Cazadores have received all of the above accolades, but luckily, our Jam of the Day proves they will not be one of the bands doomed to a life of juxtaposition.

I don’t know if it’s Springsteen that I hear swirling in the soul of “Tattoo’d Girls,” or Josh Ritter, or even one of The Avett Brothers, but there is something immediately identifiable in Wylie’s phrasing. And that’s not to say he seems to be imitating, or channeling – rather it feels like a reinvention of old records we all borrowed from our folks after tracking down a turntable, before turntables were once again cool. The elements that bring this nostalgia about are at the forefront, and that may be what’s most refreshing about the song. A backroom piano plinks, an acoustic guitar strums, but it’s Wylie’s voice that takes the forefront, because the dude can just fucking sing.

Download it below and support these guys as they release their debut LP, Someone You Used to Know, on March 31st right here. Put a reminder on your calendar if you’re absent minded like me.

Wylie Hunter & The Cazadores – Tattoo’d Girls

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