Jam of the Day | Frankie Rose and The Outs – Little Brown Haired Girl

Making lush, beautiful, but serious music that reaches well beyond simple “Wall of Sound” comparisons is truly an art – and our Jam of the Day does this seemingly with no effort. That’s because Frankie Rose is more concerned with maintaining a specific mood than rehashing the hooks your parents lost their virginity to. Sometimes that means channeling the psych climaxes of Spacemen 3, and sometimes that can mean fusing a rickety rhythm section and galloping riffs with the spectral trails of Julee Cruise.

“Little Brown Haired Girls” is full of such lovely juxtapositions – a galloping reverb symphony that some may consider boring, but when it’s over, it rattles around in your head for a few glorious hours.

Check it out below, and if you’re into it, their eponymous LP will be out September 21st via Slumberland.

Frankie Rose and The Outs – Little Brown Haired Girl

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