Photos | SWIRLIES at Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC

Boston’s SWIRLIES have one of the greatest onomatopoeic band names in the history of band names; that’s exactly what the shoegaze veterans sound like on stage. Their set at the Cat’s Cradle back room on July 8 was moody and expansive, and if I were prone to such description, I would say that the sound, well, swirled. (I guess I said it. I’m sorry.) SWIRLIES have gone through a number of lineups in their 20 year career, and last Wednesday’s was an excellent one – I’d never seen them before, but I thoroughly enjoyed the soundscape wall of noise extreme lyricism of their set. They don’t have many tour dates left this year, so if you can catch them, it’s highly recommended. Check out more photos below.

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