Playlist | Parlour Tricks at The Firebird in St. Louis Tonight

Tonight, Parlour Tricks will perform at The Firebird, opening for Electric Six (Doors 7; Show 8). Their debut, Broken Hearts/Bones, was released last year.

We recently asked Parlour Tricks to create a playlist for our readers. Please enjoy their picks below!


“Is This It” – the Strokes. “Just heard it again recently and remembered how good it was. The sentiment felt right for that windy, wintery night.” – DeeDee

“Everybody Here Wants You” – Jeff Buckley. “This song makes me want to curl up in an alpaca blanket with a glass of bourbon and watch American Beauty.” – Terry

“Planet Telex” – Radiohead.  “I used to listen to it walking home from high school through Central Park on snowy grey days. The Bends reminds me of winter ever since.” – Lily

“Might As Well Swim” – Keenan O’Meara. “Makes me think of driving around in the winter. It’s warm in a way that implies there’s a blizzard outside.” – Brian

“I Can’t Give Everything Away” – David Bowie. The final track of his final album. It feels synonymous with winter.

“Take the Night Off” – Laura Marling. “Really anything from her “I once was an eagle” record. It’s warm and cozy and it makes me want to drink whiskey and bury under piles of blankets.” – Morgane


“Heaven Sent” – Best Coast.  “Just checked out the new Best Coast album California Nights. Most of their stuff oozes sunshine, but I particularly like “Heaven Sent”.  Something about the melody, that vocal flourish always gets me.” – DeeDee

“Cheap Sunglasses” – ZZ Top. “I learned everything about Texas from ZZ Top.” – Terry

“Stolen Jars” – Waves. “Got that spring dew quality. A little Dirty Projectors, little Givers…. I want to run around in the woods with a VHS camera.” – Brian

“From” – Dr. Dog.  “I love Dr. Dog. Those harmonies make me think of that spring afternoon when you realize the sun hasn’t set yet, which means the days are finally getting longer. And that ‘from, from from from…’ at the end is an arrow to the heart every time.” – Lily

“Amidine” – Bombino.  “Sounds like racing on on a motorcycle. In a sandstorm. In the desert.” – Morgane

“Hot Knife” – Fiona Apple.  RIGHTEOUS

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