A Speakers Endorsed Show | Firebrand Recording Showcase

Pictured: Kentucky Knife Fight

Hey, whaddya doin’ Saturday? Gotta hot date? Doesn’t matter. Bring her (him?) along to the party.

Of course, I’m talking about the super spectacular Firebrand Recording Showcase at one of the best venues in all of Saint Louis, Off Broadway. It’s a night designed to celebrate the local recording studio, owned and run by Nelson Jones and Brian Scheffer, that works with an obscene number (too many to count!) of local bands.

With projects for the Humanoids, The Blind Eyes, Theodore, Fire Dog, The Livers, the Ocean Rivals, Sine Nomine, and Lion’s Daughter in the pipeline, Scheffer notes, “I feel like I get a privileged glimpse into all these really great bands.” And even though the studio doesn’t have a formal mission statement, Scheffer would like to think an impromptu one would go something like this: “Make the best quality record possible in a way that suits the band or artist we’re working with.” Hey, sounds good to us.

In turn, the bands playing Saturday night’s showcase can’t say enough nice things about the brains behind the Firebrand Recording outfit. Seth Porter, vocalist/guitarist of The Blind Eyes, raves about the support from Jones and Scheffer, and Nate Jones of Kentucky Knife Fight told me that the two are absolute “workhorses.”

So, come out Saturday and join the Humanoids, The Blind Eyes, and Kentucky Knife Fight as they (and we) raise a glass (or many a beer bottle) to Firebrand Recording. Jones and Scheffer deserve it, and by God, you do, too.

Need more proof? Grab mp3s by the two of the three bands performing at Off Broadway:
Kentucky Knife Fight – Same Streets, Same Clothes
The Blind Eyes – January

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