A Speakers Endorsed Show | JC Brooks + The Uptown Sound at Lola

Photo by Jaime Massieu

This Sunday marks a JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound first: they’re bringing their Chicago-style, post-soul dance party to the light of day. Yup, the band’s putting on a free brunch show at Lola in downtown Saint Louis! And all you have to do to partake in the festivities is show up. And order a mimosa or two.

We recently talked to Mr. Brooks himself about what we can all expect on Sunday: the day we all get our groove on before noon. (Side note: gotta love a frontman who loves his Bs & Gs.)

You guys play Saint Louis quite frequently. What keeps you coming back for more (besides the toasted ravioli and Bud Light)?

Every time we play Saint Louis, we play to a really engaged and generous crowd. That’s why I keep coming back.

We love the idea of a free brunch show. Is it a daunting task to get the hungover legs a movin’ and a-shakin’ the morning after?

Can’t rightly say. We’ve never done it before (played so early, or to a seated, eating and equally hungover ‘brunch crowd’), but I’m also not intimidated by the idea!

What else can the good music fans at Lola expect at this Sunday’s show?

Dapper gents, a tight band, and more than a little sweat…

Last but certainly not least, the all important question: what’s your go-to brunch order?

A meat lover’s skillet with biscuits & gravy!

And, there you have it folks. Recover from your Record Store Day hangover with a little musical hair of the dog. Go for the Bloodys, stay for the soul. Get ready for the par-tay by purchasing JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound’s 2011 album Want More and listening to the former Jam of the Day on this here bloggy blog, “Everything Will Be Fine” and the new single “Sister Ray Charles.” 

JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound – Sister Ray Charles

The fun kicks off at 11 AM. JCBUS will be joined by Brothers Lazaroff and DJ Pom as part of the Urban Chestnut Brunch Sessions. Special thanks to the Saint Louis brewery and Lola for making it happen.

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