The Perfect Mixtape | (Olympic) Torches Burn for London

Photo by Katie Guymon

Hey, look kids, there’s Big Ben! And there’s Parliament…again.

With the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics kicking off tomorrow, we at Speakers in Code are already drooling with jealousy. London! We want to go to there. We’re already imagining those sprawling aerial views – not quite the same on the telly – of the River Thames, with the London Eye lit up at dusk, taunting us at every commercial break.

Granted, we can barely do a cartwheel, and Lord knows we can’t clear a hurdle, but dammit if we can’t put together an ace playlist that pays homage to our U.S. athletes’ home away from home for the next few weeks.

Yes, we carry a huge (Olympic) torch for The Big Smoke. So, we put together a mix of songs by our favorite British artists and songs about London itself.

So, make your way over to Spotify, subscribe to the playlist, and Bob’s your uncle!

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