Today, We Celebrate 6 Years of Speakers in Code: Love Anyway

Photo by Jason Gonulsen

Today is our birthday, and we want to say thank you for being with us these past six years.

Outside of concert reviews, we aren’t a critical bunch here at Speakers in Code; instead, we spread what moves us, what we love. We value music criticism when it’s thoughtful and not posted for clicks. But, that’s not really what we do here. And we hope you enjoy it.

Again, thank you.

And always remember, “Music is the healing force.”

“Love Anyway” by Mike Scott of the Waterboys

So you crashed the plane
And there’s hell to pay
I’m making it plain
I love you anyway

You made a fool
Out of me today
I’m breaking the rule
I love you anyway

You threw the blame
What a role to play!
My story’s the same
I love you anyway

You dealt the blow
And you burst the ball
I’m letting you know
I love you most of all

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