Jam of the Day | Active Child – Wilderness

I, for one, happen to like the recent saturation of synth in the once downtrodden genre of bedroom pop. I mean, it’s still pretty awesome music to play when I’m finally laying down for the night, but it somehow makes things seem all dark and mysterious now. That is – until my dog Angus hops into bed with me, then things seem far less cool.

Our Jam of the Day,”Wilderness” is the second single off the the recently released debut EP from L.A.’s Active Child and the first to feature such an icy and ethereal tone. It’s chill bassline sweeps over the mouse quiet keyboards while vocals that recall Justin Vernon perfectly usher in quivering lyrics.

It sounds at times like TV on the Radio, then like Antony and the Johnsons, then like Bon Iver – and since I really enjoy two of the three aforementioned groups I can recommend you click below with a clear conscious.

And if you enjoy, he’ll be in playing The Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro on July 2nd or The Firebird in St. Louis on July 9th. Both dates are with Islands.

Active Child – Wilderness

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