Jam of the Day | Spider Bags – Quetzalcoatl Love Song

Photo by Agatha Donkar

Spider Bags are one of the most changeable bands of the Triangle scene; they can be just about anything. Under the direction of frontman, songwriter, and guitarist Dan McGee, the three piece has just released their third full-length LP, and while there are constants in ever songs — the stalwart rhythm section of space-sharing bassists Steve Oliva and Gregg Levy, and drummer Rock Forbes; McGee’s enigmatic and clever lyrics; the reverb heavy choruses — Shake My Head ranges from straight-up garage rock to ’60s doowop, from Nick Cave-style murder ballad to near-country Americana, from ringing, chiming instrumentals right up to charmingly off-kilter indie pop and today’s JOTD, the strangely romantic “Quetzalcoatl Love Song”.

If you’ve got a charmingly off-kilter person who you’re trying to woo, this gem of a track from a charmingly off-kilter band might just do it.

You can buy Shake My Head from Odessa Records, and if you’ll be in Raleigh next week, catch Spider Bags headlining an official Hopscotch Day Party at Raleigh Times on Saturday, September 8.

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