Jam of the Day | April Smith and the Great Picture Show – Colors

I double dog dare you to not like this song.  It is too damn catchy to resist, at the very least, tapping your toes, or if you’re like me, having a full blown one-woman dance party in the kitchen. It’s got a Bourbon Street feel that makes me long for next month’s Mardi Gras celebrations a little prematurely, and Smith’s pristine voice echoes another favorite indie femme fatale of mine, Jenny Lewis.

“Colors” is a confident, sassy ode to a migrant lover. Smith articulates her affection well, but it’s clear she’s not going to miss out on any fun while the boyfriend is away. And that, I like.

April Smith and The Great Picture Show is currently touring with Langhorne Slim to promote Songs for a Sinking Ship, coming out on February 23, 2010. According to her bio, “The album’s sound was informed by the ’30s and ’40s, juke joints and cabaret, the Andrews Sisters and, of course, [Tom] Waits.” She’s a kaleidoscope o’ fun.

April Smith and The Great Picture Show – Colors

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