Jam of the Day | Clockwork Kids – St. Peter’s Daughter


A few years back, I trademarked the term “The Musical Delorean,” which was my attempt to be witty, while explaining that many songs have time-transient properties much like those found in the flux capacitor. The term never really took off, mainly because it’s stupid and no one will ever create a sub-genre that references a failed GMC experiment. Can’t blame a guy for trying.

But why not try one last time — enter Clockwork Kids, a neo-psychedelic rock band straight out of my hood in Chapel Hill, NC, and their song “St. Peter’s Daughter.”  Fueled, not by plutonium, but blaring guitar riffs and a catchy-as-hell, free-for-all closing to the song, I was immediately vaulted back to a time when I worshiped bands like Superdrag, Dinosaur Jr. and The Mooney Suzuki. Crunchy guitars sometimes dueled on smoky-stages and Chucks dominated the footwear landscape. Moppy-haired-heads banged politely as to not look like those now-out-of date metalheads. That shit was real.

And April 3rd will be a “real” day for these kids – releasing their Kickstarter-funded debut LP “Rememory” as well as playing Morehead Planetarium on UNC’s Campus with a synchronized space show to bring the sonic elements of the album to life in grand fashion. Sounds badass, y’all.

The louder – the better. Rawk.

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