Jam of the Day | Cults – Go Outside

If one attempts to uncover information about the NYC film school duo known as Cults on the all-seeing, all-knowing world wide web, one will find all sorts of good info on various forms of religious and worship-based sects or groups of people bound together by the common adulation of the same object, ideal, or person. Whew. What is more difficult to find, however, is high-quality, lo-fi, dream pop with xylophones. It is out there, trust me. I’ve seen it. I’ve heard it. I’m a believer.

Cults’ way-out single, “Go Outside,” leads off with a xylophonic melody that permeates the whole tune laid over historical audio of the Jonestown suicide cult leader, Jim Jones. Clearly, cults are not just a moniker for Cults… Dare I say they are an inspiration? Potentially creepy muses aside, the track alternates seamlessly between dreamy verses and groovy hooks, creating a highly pleasant head-bobbing experience. They “know what’s good” and they’ve “been there before.” Trust in Cults, and you will be free…

So strap on your brand new, black and white Nike Widerunner shoes, and download “Go Outside” (FREE) and other Cults jams (including the delightfully bouncy “Most Wanted” (also FREE) over at their Bandcamp site HERE.

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