Video | The Head and the Heart Performs “Rivers and Roads”

Photos by Katie Guymon

Last night, Seattle’s The Head and the Heart stopped through Saint Louis after Bonnaroo to play a sold-out show at The Duck Room. Right from the get go, the room felt buzzy and alive (communal, almost?), and the six-piece treated the gig like a basement house party, not showing any signs of exhaustion from the four-day music festival from which they’d traveled.

For as heart-wrenching at the band’s self-titled debut LP (now out on Sub Pop) can sometimes be, the live show sure doesn’t emulate that. All six members – Josiah, Jonathan, Charity, Chris, Kenny, and Tyler – pack a wallop. Just watch the video below.

Last night, it felt like magic had been bottled in the basement of The Duck Room, at least for an hour and a half, a secret meeting of hearts (and, yes, heads), and who knows? We may never pass this way again.

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I think I’ve watched this video of set closer, “River and Roads” fifty-four times already. I love the hush that (finally!) goes over the crowd around the 0:45 mark. I adore when the percussion starts up, simple bass drum and maracas, and the audience starts hootin’ and hollerin’. I get serious cold chills when Charity freaking wails on her solo at the end. “Rivers and Roads” has a little bit of that Arcade Fire “Wake Up” quality: man, does it make you wanna go out and do something. In this case specifically, mend all your broken relationships. In a world where two simple words are never flung from our mouths with ease, I think it’s rather revolutionary that a mere song can elicit the extreme desire to say, “I’m sorry.”

And that, my friends, is The Head and the Heart.

The Head and the Heart – “Rivers and Roads”

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