Jam of the Day | Delta Spirit – Bushwick Blues

Dwelling on losses is a big waste of time, but we should recognize how our losses make all that remains so much more meaningful. It shapes us more than we know – rounding off and enhancing the joys that are still present, or that are yet to be made. But we do lose, sometimes without gain, just with pain and heartache.

But Long Beach, California’s Delta Spirit offers us a helping hand. making music that seems to soften our losses. And the eleven songs that comprise the new LP, History From Below seem to mend these pain points at every turn.

On our Jam of the Day, “Bushwick Blues,” lead singer Matt Vazquez exemplifies the core of the album perfectly by singing, “My love is strong, but my heart is weak,” with a drawn-out pause, before finishing with the words, “after all.”

The strength of our hearts is indeed weakened by the losses that they will be forced to endure. But we find endurance – and music like this, the common thread that connects us all, does indeed help.

Delta Spirit – Bushwick Blues (via Brooklyn Vegan)

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