Jam of the Day | Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Sleeps With Angels

Today’s jam is a spooky jam. It scares the hell out of me.

It’s probably one of Neil Young’s darkest songs, from one of his darkest (yet somehow hopeful) albums, Sleeps With Angels. If you aren’t familiar with the album, it contains three songs that are, in my opinion, crucial to understanding Young’s music — “My Heart,” “Change Your Mind,” and the title track, “Sleeps With Angels.”

There has been a lot written about how “Sleeps With Angels” was written for Kurt Cobain, who, if you remember, quoted Young in his suicide note. The lyrics Cobain used, in case you didn’t already know, were “it’s better to burn out than to fade away.”

I’ve always wondered what was going on in Young’s mind when he recorded this song. The guitar sounds possessed, bloody, and hungry for death. And the way song ends always gives me chills.

Too late…

Too soon…

Too late…

Too soon…

Too late.

See, I just got them again.

Listen to “Sleeps With Angels” here.

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