Living Room Concert | Annie Stela

Photo Credit: Mark Philip

Yeah, that is a picture of Annie Stela playing in my living room. I’m still at a loss for words at how I go about explaining what went down Saturday evening. Let me try.

Although I’ve only been listening to Stela’s music for a little over a year, her songs have meant the world to me – you could say they’ve been the soundtrack to some of the toughest moments I’ve had to face in the last 14 or so months. So when she put out the call asking to play living rooms across the U.S. this autumn, I simply told her, “Yes, please come play my at my house.” And she showed up. It was really that easy.

Photo Credit: Rachel Demsick

Of course, I was a bit nervous in the days leading up to the show. My house was a bit of a dog-hair-on-the-floor mess. And I sort of started to freak, thinking that no one would show. But, my friends came out in a big way, and I thank them for doing so.

When Annie showed up (with her awesome friend, Rachel), it hit me: this was really happening. She quickly set up her keyboard and sound system (thank you, Matt!), and she did a brief sound check, asking if I wanted to hear my favorite song of hers, “Clean It Up.” I gotta say, this Annie Stela is a cool gal.

Photo Credit: Rachel Demsick

 What I’ll remember the most? The way she stomped on the floor during her opener, “Little House.” Her voice during “Breathe Through” (soooo sad). Her ability to rock out during “Those Kind of Guys.” Her two-song encore, which we made her do (ha). The way she conversed with everyone in the room, before and after the show.

Oh, and Annie’s smile. You can’t forget a smile like that, especially when it’s live in your living room.

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