MP3 | Josh Ritter – Wolves (Acoustic Version)

Photo Credit: Brian Stowell

The Animal Years is Josh Ritter’s best album. I hear that all the time. I believe it, too.

Actually, many people have told me how this album has changed their life. Just have a listen to “Girl in the War,” “Thin Blue Flame,” “Here at the Right Time,” or today’s free MP3, “Wolves,” and you’ll see why.

Ritter is a master storyteller, rivaled only by a select few in my book. He’s decided to re-issue The Animal Years and pack it with a bonus disc of the entire album performed solo acoustically, “plus 4 b-side recordings (Blame it on the Tetons, Harbortown, Peter Killed the Dragon, and Monster Ballads [early version]), and two videos.” A grand way to re-invent yourself.

Have a listen to an acoustic version of “Wolves” below, and pre-order The Animal Years re-issue here.

Josh Ritter – Wolves

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