Pajammy Jam of the Day | Cowboy Junkies – Renmin Park

Margo Timmins may be the voice of Cowboy Junkies, but it’s her brother, Mike, who writes the words she sings. I’m sure you know that if you follow the band. But, I feel this increasing need to always point it out, only because of how important of a songwriter I believe Mike Timmins is. He’s that good.

Last week, we caught up with the band from Canada, and we found out that they will be releasing four albums worth of material in the next 18 months. Wow, right? Well, they just gave us a glimpse of what is to come, and it’s the title track from the upcoming Renmin Park.

Here’s what Mike Timmins writes about the song:

It’s a fictional love story about two people whose two worlds will forever keep them apart. It’s a thank-you letter to an obscure city and the people who opened up their lives to five very strange strangers. It’s a personal document about a bewilderingly complex culture that is, once again, experiencing a massive upheaval. It’s another chapter in a band’s ongoing twenty-five year journey.

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