Concert Photos | The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro

Jon Spencer – Photo | Aggie Donkar

The Blues Explosion rumbled into to North Carolina last night…leaving a wake of sweat, ringing eardrums, and frayed vocal chords behind them. And for any naysayer who may have been poised in the crowd, waiting to tattle that the blues is somehow NOT number one, well, they disseminated positively disgruntled, because there was not a single second that did not ring with the energy only experienced when Jon, Judah, and Russell take to that stage and do what they were apparently brought together by fucking Zeus to do. And that is play rock ‘n roll.

True to form, they rolled into town with the complete package. Shockwave Riderz opened the night with a fuzzed out set, which was the most guitar-heavy group of songs I’ve seen that featured no actual guitars. If that doesn’t make sense, check out a sample of their upcoming debut here. And, I’m just going to say it. Singer Sara McElhaney did. her. thang.  You keep doing what you’re doing girl.

Add Chapel Hill legends, and Jack White inspiration, Dex Romweber Duo to the bill, and what you have is a true to form Blues Explosion show, where, if you were to take both opening bands, melt them together, then pour them into a gritty, NYC-themed mold, you’d get the JSBX.

And that my friends, is how you do it.

Check out Aggie’s pics below – and if you’re in the southeast, make sure you see them at one of these upcoming dates.

Shockwave Riderz – Photo | Aggie Donkar

Shockwave Riderz – Photo | Aggie Donkar

Dex Romweber Duo –  Photo | Aggie Donkar

Dex Romweber Duo – Photo | Aggie Donkar

Russell Simmons – Photo | Aggie Donkar

Jon Spencer – Photo | Aggie Donkar

Judah Bauer – Photo | Aggie Donkar

Jon Spencer – Photo | Aggie Donkar

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