Jam of the Day | Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith – Not in Love

I’m going to start the week by opening up fully with you guys. I think we’re to that point now in our blogger/reader relationship, right? I mean, I have a toothbrush at your house now, so blunt honesty should be allowed at this point without the worry of ruining the good thing we have going. So, here we go.

I think I’m in love with our Jam of the Day, “Not in Love,” by Crystal Castles and Robert Smith.

OMG – I can’t believe I just wrote that. That feels SO much better! Good lord, it’s like a weight has been lifted from my chest. I mean, I had practiced saying it in the mirror, but you never know the reaction you’re going to get!

It’s been all over my mind for weeks now. And really, how could I not be completely in love after a plethora of daily spins to get my fix? The song is actually a cover of ‘the 80s new wave band, Platinum Blonde, but modern technology takes the synths to an entirely new level, and the addition of The Cure’s Robert Smith turns this jam into something I just can’t help being enamored with.

Download it below via our friends at Gorilla vs. Bear, and pick up Crystal Castles‘ latest album Crystal Castles II which was released earlier this year.

Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith – Not in Love

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