Jam of the Day | Daniel Romano – “Middle Child”

Photo courtesy of the artist

Daniel Romano is an old soul in a young body, making the kind of country music that mainstream radio has been missing since the ’70s, the kind of weepin’ and drinkin’ songs that Townes and Gram and Hank used to sing.  “Middle Child” is a wail of a song, one beer too many on a bar stool, your head in your hands, a jukebox in the corner turned to a cryin’ song, or a truckin’ song, and belies the fact that Romano is only 26 years old.

It’s an old song for an old soul, executed perfectly, and if it’s any indication of how strong Romano’s third album, Come Cry With Me (out January 22 of next year), will be, you might as well pencil Come Cry With Me in on my best of 2013 list already.

Stream “Middle Child” below, and check out Come Cry With Me early in 2013.

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